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My wife Darlene and I enjoyed very much meeting you and your family and the joy you brought to us this past Friday night at Steve and Lisa's home. Best of luck to you and we will watch for you in Nashville as we visit our granddaughter there. We listened to our three CD's on our way back to Houston Saturday morning.
Great to see you guys with Sonny on Little Big Shots. Cheers Rich
What a great sound i love you guys been a long time waiting for you to get to Kentucky will try to see you somewhere
Love your style. Great guitarist. One of the best.
I stumbled on to you on U-tube a vew months ago and have absolutely gone nuts over your playing and Canille’s Singing (she has the prettiest smile I have ever seen). Have been looking at your cruise and would love to go but Am almost 82 and don’t travel much any more. Wish you would of made the cruise when I was young enough to still get around. Keep up the good work.
I was watching Time Jumpers youtube videos and came upon your performance of the Panhandle Rag. What a great voice! Lady, your notes are sweet and enunciation perfect but there is another quality in there that I can't quite describe. It is just one of the cleanest voices I have ever heard. The guitar work is great, too. I am a swing musician and I enjoy your music. Best of Luck to you.
Really enjoyed your playing and singing yesterday at the concert at Oakey. A great afternoon. Thanks for the experience
Not sure how much will wind up in your pocket but Amazon got me for seven of your albums. You guys do good work. I've watched you on you-Tube in some pretty fast company and you hold your end up quite well.
Love the website. Also love the new album TAHI. Heoi ana ano Pai ana nga waiata. He mihi atu kia kourua na te Iwi whanui o Aotearoa.
I have been trying to find where I can purchase a couple of your albums. I have 3 that I bought at Tweed Heads Bowls Club years ago, and would like to get another couple, however I cannot find where I can purchase them.
You guys were SPECTACULARLY BRILLIANT last night at the Nashville Pop Up Bar in 161 Castlereagh Street. I was so proud of you!! Can't wait to see you there again and maybe sing and play with you.
Big Fan, have enjoyed your music for a couple of years now. I am hoping to find out where I can buy your new album as I live in Canada. STUIE: Loved the SPIN DRIFTERS...I hope there is plans to continue with this group.
Love your music ....Great job you are doing with Sonny...
Tele player from South Dakota, USA. Caught you on a shared facebook live, and was blown away. Will be watching you guys!
Hi guys! Camille I always hoped you would continue to share you beautiful voice with the world, right from the gisborne girls high days when you were heavily involved in the country music club I would listen in awe of your amazing natural talent. Am stoked I've found you and will continue to follow your pages!! Well done!! And your babies are beautiful!! Xx
Hi guys, we first heard you over in Bridgetown WA early this year. Just loved your sweet sweet song (s), and young Sonny was fabulous too. We bought his CD (yours were sold out) and we all sing along when it's played. Stuie what guitar to you mostly play on Sonnys CD - is it a Gretch? Sounds awesome. Do you recall the name of the young female artist at that festival? She was real cool too but we don't know who she is - if you can help that would be great.
I first heard about you on the ABC Country show, and looked you up on the net and found some of your songs with Carmille and you I liked the one of "Beverly Joy" keep playing that flat top box mate.
The guitar sound is amazing! Keep up the good work guys :)
Hiya Team, Am sitting here at the dining room table, sunny afternoon, doing preparatory work for my tax return listening to "The Kindy Sessions". Love that clear n clean sound. Had it on permanent rotation in my ute for months until I nearly ejected if I dodn't eject the CD!!!! Ha ha. Got the CD at a GANZ session in Auckland organised by Denis Reeve, oh some time ago now. Are you guys heading over this way again sometime soon? I see your young fella is growing up; well done and you get back what you put in. After 63 years I an attest to that. Keep safe. Arohanui David Weston 16th March 2014.
Hi, Camille & Stuie! Camille, I first heard you on a demo for Rode mics, & my first reaction was ' who IS that?-- I have to find out more!! Have all your albums & love them. I have a [very] small recording studio in Irving TX, USA-- hope you will appear in the Dallas TX USA sometime-- I will be first in line for tickets. Best wishes & much continues success to you & yours.
hi guys,just found you on youbute on satuday 18th jan 2015. what great music you make together.love to see you playing ireland or europe in the near future.continued success.
I'm a mostly retired avocational musician and live in the mid-central area of the US. I just viewed your arrangement and live performance of How High The Moon, plus some others, and they just blew me away. Do you, Stuie and your sensational band ever get over here "across the pod" to the US? By the way, the ZumSteel steel guitar is manufactured about 50 miles from me by a good friend, Bruce Zumsteg, and we have an annual steel guitar jam and pot luck just after Labor Day where he is a usual visitor and we see a lot of his guitars. Are your cd's available here in the US, and if, what is the source, as I'd like to order a few. You both are a natural fit and a real bundle of talent and would love to come to Australia to see you. With warmest regards, D. J. Roberts
Hi Camille and Stuie It was really good to hear your son Sonny sing country music. He sounded really good. Congratulations Sonny.Your children look like you both. Merry Christmas and New year to you and your family. I have a sister Jodie she was in remission.She has cancer back Acute Myeloid cancer of the bone marrow and she wont be home for Christmas she will be in Melbourne Hospital. It will be hard for my me and my family this Christmas and New Year.
Someone shared one of you're youtube video's on FB which bought me here hoping your music will be available on spotify in the near future!
I'm a retired California Highway Patrol officer and huge Tommy Emmanuel fan. I saw a video on YouTube of Camille and Stuie singing "Storms Don't Last" at the Tamworth festival in 2012. Beautiful guitar playing paired with Camille's sultry voice. Wow. Now I'm a huge fan of you two.
Thanks for the DVD Big Days and Little Years. Beautiful music and I'm really enjoying the live in the studio way you've done it. I'll enjoy this for years to come. Thank you very much Jim
Beautiful harmonies and guitar work. I hope I will get to see you perform live in the United States. Please keep me posted when you tour the U.S. Thanks.
Congratlations to two proud parents. Another star in the making with young Sonny?
Really love your work, enjoyed seeing John Turnbull get the award last year at Smithton, all the best John
Kylie Hi Stuie and Camille, Can't wait to see you again and your coming to Launceston Country music Festival. Great to hear. I live in Prospect Tassie. Love your new album and music. You may remember and know me. Do you no, remember a Maurice Faulkner that's my grandfather.
stuie saw the johnny cash concert at warragul arts centre last night. What a fabulous show and. I was blown away by your performance huge congrats. Just been youtubing camille and your songs now on my shopping list to browse the cd store for your albums
great tunes
kia ora to you both,i have just viewed you on a maori tv program /unsung hero's and was moved by your whanau korero and the beautiful legacey song you wrote about stuie's mother,you both are very lucky and have been blessed with beauty,music and each other .Arohanui kia korua me to whanau"
Hi Stuie and Camille, Did not have your email address but just a quick line to thank you for the BQ and for inviting me up to play on pickers night at Tamworth. I enjoyed your playing and the band very much and had great fun playing Cannon Ball Rag with you. It was nice meeting up with Mike again after all these years and also spending time with my daughter Kerrie - I had a great time in Oz. Cheers Graham
congratulations on your win, you deserve every bit of it. You are both so talented and so nice, see you 9/3 same as last year,well done.
Stuie, Great Guitar player mate! www.lauriestephenson.net
LOVE IT!! Arohanui kia korua me to whanau! xx
Hi Camille, do you remember me, a friend of your mother, Pele. I have enjoyed watching and listening to your videos. Wonderful and what a lucky girl you are with such a husband! Keep the good work up and I'd like to hear more of you. When will you visit Wellington where I live now? All the best to you from Win.
Hi we saw the Johnny Cash show last night in Wollongong and it was fabulous .We were told about you and Camille winning the CM single award and we have just listened to it .It is a Beautiful song .Congratulations.We are now fans and look forward to hearing more of your songs...
We f'n luvs youse guys xxxx
Great music!!!! Greeting from Brazil